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June 25, 2010

A little late with this posting, but have been busy celebrating my birthday all weekend, which has been an absolute blast. Last week I received some gorgeous white gladiolas to kick off the birthday celebration! The way the light shines through them is so beautiful. I've been taking pictures every day, finding new lines to capture on paper. I haven't really drawn gladiolas much before, so it is fun learning a new flower structure.

I worked on this one Friday morning as I was watching some World Cup. I think I will ink it and give it more graphic sharp lines. I do plan to draw more of them too!
I absolutely adore flowers and the inspiration they give. The greatest inspiration, however, is all the love and support I have from my loved ones, near and far. It was great to spend time with people I love this weekend - I feel blessed. I can't wait to create more art this week, I feel rejuvenated and ready to go!

Also just sold 3 original sketches last week, first time I have sold any original drawings. These were all featured on my blog.

I have given sketches away to family and friends, but actually selling originals has felt different. Each one represents that particular moment, whatever I was thinking or feeling, and the fact they were all done by hand makes them feel more personal.

I do feel good about sharing them with the rest of the world though! I am glad that they will find a new home, and I hope they give their new owner much enjoyment for years to come :)

If you are interested in purchasing any of the sketches show on my blog, just drop me a line!


June 20, 2010

Actually sketched this on Friday afternoon after work, but finished up the final version last night. It was a gorgeous sunny day out and was perfect for sitting down with my sketchbook.

I then took this pencil drawing into Illustrator and traced it:

Last night I had brought my laptop to my parents' house for my sister to use, and showed my dad this illustration. Between the two of us we came up with this combination of colors :)

It has an Asian feel to it, and I really enjoy the softness of the colors. It was the first time I really worked with my dad on a drawing, and that meant a lot to me, especially since it was Father's Day too. We'll have to collaborate again!

This print is available in my Etsy shop in various sizes (8x10, 5x7 and 4x6) and I can also do custom sizes and color backgrounds if requested.




Morning was cold and foggy, but the sun came out thankfully later on...perfect weather to enjoy a stroll through the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland. Built in 1932, it is 4 acres of beautiful roses! A myriad of colors and scents.

My sister and I discovered it a few months back, tucked away down a side street - hidden gem. So glad we did! Was a perfect opporunity to practice using my new camera too :)

I find so much peace and inspiration when enveloped by natural beauty. Over the past week and a half I've gotten much-needed peace and inspiration in many, art, nature, and most importantly the kindness and love of those close to me.

Sometimes it is good to stop and smell the roses. And one should always take a moment, every day, to give thanks for what you have.

Enjoy some more pics here!


A rose for today

Drew this Sunday night while watching a Foo Fighters concert on TV. I find it hard to keep my hands still, and if I'm watching a show or a movie on my own, I invariably start doodling. Still deciding on what to do with the background, might go with a violet or bright blue.

It's a bright and crisp spring day, looking forward to more flowers blooming soon!


happy friday!

Currently enjoying some roses my boss gave me today at work. What a nice way to end the week! I am hoping I find some time this weekend to draw them, or just to stop and smell them anyway :)

I have a few drawings in the works, all in a flamenco vein. Red and yellow roses remind me of the Spanish flag...seem to be a hint that I should get busy on the sketches!

Hope everyone has a beautiful and restful weekend, I know I am looking forward to mine!