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Art-o-mat progress

Well i certainly don't have to worry about daily drawings as I'm doing a ton a day. Been splitting time between a tattoo design (listening to lots of "Do The Evolution" for the inspiration for it, nice perk!) and coming up with the little ballpoint drawings for my Art-o-mat project.

Got 18 done so far, 32 more to go! I'll have a couple of assembly lines going between picking up the shirt/hoodie orders tomorrow and getting these suckers mounted on board. Along with the tattoo and charity invite I'm designing. 

I'm so grateful to have my is calming for me even if it means being busy!


October 7, 2010

Been a busy week, challenging and long but had some bright spots. Was accepted for the Art-o-mat entries, so I'll be quite the busy bee working on my drawings. Tonight involved sketching out more concepts for the "Do The Evolution" tattoo design I'm creating, and getting my assembly station ready for shirt pick-up tomorrow.

Took a quick break tonight during Project Runway.....grabbed a handful of different pencils off my drawing table, curling up on the couch with my kitty Winston, and doing this quick sketch:

Something blue and quiet. Can't wait for the weekend and to get immersed in all my projects :)


Art-o-mat entry

Thanks to my friend Ana over at Rearranged Design, I found out about Art-o-mat. It's a great concept...using old cigarette vending machines to sell art instead. The idea of using a machine which dealt out such negativity, and re-purposing it for something positive is something that really appeals to me. I decided to send in a submission of my own work for their consideration!

My concept is to do a series of illustrations, 50 individual pieces in all, done in ballpoint - "pen portraits". I felt this would showcase my style and give folks a taste of what I do. Each piece would contain a special code for the recipient, which they could use to get a discount in my Etsy shop. As you can see in the photo, the pieces are small, but that adds a precious quality to it.

The Art-o-mat folks have pre-made boxes available, but I decided to create my own. I had flashbacks of Packaging classes when I went to art school, I could feel my teacher Scott looking over my shoulder as I constructed it! Each would be wrapped in acetate as the example shows below.

I hope they do pick me, as it would be a fun project! In any case it was fun to come up with the series concept :)